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June 28, 2013

Sorry for any confusion about my current schedule. I'm practicing in Capitol Hill, and have filled my capacity at another clinic in the South-end of Calgary, close to my newest endeavour. Disregard the schedule on Mission Health / Dr. Jason Fox website, it's outdated. Please use my online booking software for my home practice, or call/e-mail for availability.

Check back for some new articles I am working on, and a new informative Massage Therapy website that will benefit you.

Stay safe this Canada Day weekend, whether that means limiting your sun exposure enjoying a not-so-rainy Calgary patio, not overdoing alcohol intake at a festive cookout, or remembering to stretch and bring a well stocked first aid kit and fully charged cell phone on a hike in the Rockies! Enjoy!

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I am a Registered Massage Therapist in Calgary, Alberta. Please check back frequently for new content and follow my articles on Massage Therapy, as well as guest written articles on health and well-being.

If you would like to book a massage please use my online booking by clicking the "Schedule Me" button on the right of the page, email or call 403-800-8263 for availability.

Prevent. Recover. Improve.

Insurance Receipts

There are many changes in the massage world lately. Sunlife, Manulife, Alberta Blue Cross, and others are now only recognizing Massage Therapists with 2200 hours or more of education for insurance receipts. 

The City of Calgary is now only allowing these Massage Therapists to receive their Massage Practitioner licenses by requiring proof of this education and to be in good standing with a massage organization like the NHPC or MTAA, asking to see this ID card will allow you to be sure your insurance claim will be honoured. 

Scar Tissue

Many surgeries and injuries leave scars. Whether the scar was caused by a surgical instrument, a burn, cut, etc… Scars may be discoloured and made of tough, rubbery, inflexible tissue that may feel sensitive to the touch years after the surgery is performed or injury has healed. Scar tissue, like skin, is made up of collagen. Instead of this collagen protein being a loose random weave-type pattern like normal skin, the collagen forms a tight cross-link pattern similar to tendons.

How do I know it's a scar?
Scars can easily be recognized because they can become hard and inflexible, create visual bands of fibres on the surface of skin, the tissue can shorten or tighten, which can limit range of motion and cause compensational issues. Scars do not usually contain hair follicles or sweat glands, therefore they are prone to drying out and may reopen if not properly managed.


Deep Tissue Massages

Deep tissue massage is becoming a more and more popular type of massage, so it is important for those that have never received one, or may have had a bad experience, to know the difference between a good deep tissue massage, a bad deep tissue massage, and why when an RMT asks how the pressure feels, why it's important to be upfront and honest.

Before your first Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage utilizes more advanced techniques, and usually more direct pressure using thumbs, knuckles, forearms or elbows. I would not consider it a relaxing experience, but you can ask the therapist to mix in some other types of massage. If you have a lot of back problems, they can intersperse deeper techniques with more soothing, relaxing techniques. This may help prevent the area being treated from getting tender too quickly, and adds more enjoyment to your massage.


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